Inside the 202xHealth Labs Team: Who or what is really driving Digital Health and how will the new normal look like?

28. April 2020

INSIDE 202XHEALTH LABS TEAM: Who or what is really driving Digital Health and what does the new normal look like?

written by 202xHealth Labs Co-Founder & CEO Dirk Simon

About the author: Dirk is a (Digital) Health Expert with more than 25 years of experience as managing director, CFO, consultant and investor in listed and private companies in the life science sector and has a broad expertise in product development, financial modeling and marketing in the healthcare sector. As CEO and CFO, he led research and development facilities and academic spin-offs in the healthcare and life science sector for several years. With 202xHealth Labs, a beyond thinking healthcare & longevity venture studio, he and his team envision, validate and launch disruptive new ventures for the future of healthcare and longevity.

Who or what is really driving Digital Health and what does the new normal look like?

In the last few days I saw an interesting question in a good article – from my old McKinsey friends: Who or what is driving the digital change (in the health sector) we have been waiting for so long, which we are observing in the distance, whether East or West? In a slight modification to the article, the question arises: is it politics with its committees, does it come from society with its respective groups or, for example, from industry and its profit orientation? The current crisis gives us the answer, it is the Corona Pandemic!



COVID-19 is challenging entrenched structures and attitudes

If we already have the answer now to what is driving the digital change, it is exciting to guess what the new normal after the pandemic will be?

Of course, one can say that times of crisis are times of upheaval. It is good to observe how old and entrenched structures and attitudes do not work and are being unhinged. So it is logical that something different or new will emerge. But at the same time it is a drifting and more a passive happening. It is not so much the active shaping and use of the change to a new normal.

Digital Health is ahead of us

I think it can no longer be denied, digital health is ahead of us. What is needed is early action, courage and determination to speed up the transformation of the health care system and the culture associated with it, and thus to achieve the new normal earlier. Especially in a country like Germany with all its possibilities, strength and resources, it is not only an opportunity but also a duty to actively shape this change in Digital Health, isn’t it?


In the quest of a “new normal”

What remains is the exciting question of how or what will become the new normal. There will be restorative forces, as we see with data protection, for example, but it is right that we should find the balance between protection and benefit in the new normality. Let us shape it and let us prevent it from falling back into the old rut.

 Recognising the benefits will play a prominent role in this. In the new normal in the health sector, will we succeed in moving from diagnosing and treating diseases to maintaining and predicting health? Let us approach the new normal with digital possibilities, with large data structures, with artificial intelligence and through agile thinking and acting, symbolically by making it.

We at 202xhealth are driven by it. Donate your Vocals now and follow us on our journey!


About Vocals For Science

Vocal biomarkers have an amazing potential in reforming diagnostics through their accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. We’re studying the correlation between respiratory diseases and vocal biomarkers like voice, breathing and coughing noises in Germany & Europe.

We believe that by analyzing the voice, breathing and coughing noises beyond what our ears can hear, we can unveil correlations that would enable the healthcare sytem to detect COVID-19 indepentend of locations in a fast and cost-effective way using the everyday technology that is in our smartphones. 

With are developing Artificial Intelligence methods and technique to correlate the voice with the symptoms of the COVID-19. The study is being conducted under scientific standards and with highest German Data Protection standards.

Join us now and help to fight COVID-19 by donating your voice for the science.

About the Team behind

Vocals for Science is a research and software development project operated by an multidisciplinary team of medical experts, scientists, software engineers, data scientists and entrepreneurs that have teamed up together in the Venture Studio 202xHealth Labs to envision and validate the future of healthcare and longevity.

"Vocal Biomarkers have the potential to revolutionize COVID-19 diagnostics through its accuracy, speed and cost efficiency. A location-independent, cost-efficient and rapid testing for COVID-19 of a broad part of the (world) population is needed to effectively monitor the spread of COVID-19 and to enable the consequences of disease control through targeted lifecycle management by health authorities.

– Philip Mertes, Co-Founder of Vocals for Science

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