Press Release: Vocals for Science joins Alliance of Global Pandemic Innovators

07. April 2020

“Vocals for Science” joins Alliance of Global Pandemic Innovators 

 Vocal biomarkers have an amazing potential in reforming diagnostics through their accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. XPRIZE, a Los Angeles and Silicon Valley based non-profit organization that designs and manages public competitions intended to encourage technological development that could benefit humanity, has launched a COVID-19 response platform in collaboration with Anthem, and calls on the global community to unite, collaborate and share information to address immediate needs and find long-term, durable solutions to pandemic threats. 

Vocals for Science has now joined the Alliance and will contribute insights and expertise regarding the COVID-19 detection on Vocal Biomarkers generated in Europe.  

As part of this Alliance, researchers and scientists are invited to access experiences and knowledge through the XPRIZE Data Collaborative, a unique platform for researchers and innovators to collaborate, share and learn in a broad spectrum of fields in their search for solutions. This aims to unlock new approaches to fighting pandemics and will serve as the backbone to the collective effort that will prepare us for additional pandemic spikes like COVID-19, or other viral threats.  

“We are very delighted that we can now contribute and exchange ideas and experience with the world’s smartest researchers within the Alliance of Pandemic Innovators and contribute our learnings working on innovative COVID-19 detection methods”, Philip Mertes & Dirk Simon passionately look forward for the collaboration.  

About Vocals For Science

Vocal biomarkers have an amazing potential in reforming diagnostics through their accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. We’re studying the correlation between respiratory diseases and vocal biomarkers like voice, breathing and coughing noises in Germany & Europe.

We believe that by analyzing the voice, breathing and coughing noises beyond what our ears can hear, we can unveil correlations that would enable the healthcare sytem to detect COVID-19 indepentend of locations in a fast and cost-effective way using the everyday technology that is in our smartphones. 

With are developing Artificial Intelligence methods and technique to correlate the voice with the symptoms of the COVID-19. The study is being conducted under scientific standards and with highest German Data Protection standards.

Join us now and help to fight COVID-19 by donating your voice for the science.

About the Team behind

Vocals for Science is a research and software development project operated by an multidisciplinary team of medical experts, scientists, software engineers, data scientists and entrepreneurs that have teamed up together in the Venture Studio 202xHealth Labs to envision and validate the future of healthcare and longevity.

"Vocal Biomarkers have the potential to revolutionize COVID-19 diagnostics through its accuracy, speed and cost efficiency. A location-independent, cost-efficient and rapid testing for COVID-19 of a broad part of the (world) population is needed to effectively monitor the spread of COVID-19 and to enable the consequences of disease control through targeted lifecycle management by health authorities.

– Philip Mertes, Co-Founder of Vocals for Science

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